Jagna is located on the southern coast of Bohol. It is one of the commercial trading centers of the province with daily market and port operations. Of interest to travelers is the town church built during the Spanish era and with its ceiling frescoes and Baroque architecture.
A waterfall and a spring reservoir can be found on the highlands, accessible by road travel north. A marine sanctuary zone has been set up by the local government just off the shore. A double reef is protected inside the sanctuary zone and marked off by buoys so as to restrict access from fishers.

Municipal Officials: 2019 – 2021

Facts and Figures:

Mayor : Rañola, Joseph
Vice Mayor : Abrenilla, Bicbic
SB Members: : Ocio, Ondoy
Viñalon, Wivinz
Jamora, Maricris
Aniscal, Anthony
Tutor, Edsel
Acedillo, Noele
Pielago, Arnoldo
Rances, Pacheco
ABC President :
SK President :
Location : Southern Seaboard of Bohol
Congressional District : 3rd District
Number of Barangays : 33 barangays
Income Classification : 3rdClass
LGU IRA : P 54,426,192.00 (2011)
Total Municipal Land Area : 12,063 hectares (Source: LGU)
Timberland Area : NONE
Alienable & Disposable (A & D) : 10,200 hectares
Soil Cover : Calape Clay, Annam Clay
River Basins (Watershed Areas) : Alejawan RB, Manaba RB, Inabanga RB
Population :

32,034 (2007 Census)

33,084 (2011 projected)

34,495 (2020 projected)

Average Population Growth Rate : 0.61% (2000-2007 NSO)
Total Number of Households : 6,637 (2007 census)
Major Industries : Farming, Fishing, Calamay Making
Literacy Rate : 98%
Higher Education Institutions : 2
Number of Secondary Schools : 7
Number of Technical – Vocational : none
Number of Primary/Elementary Schools : 3 Primary Schools, 21 Elementary Schools
Language/Dialect : Boholano (Binisaya) (99.88%)
Religion/Religious Affiliation (1990) : Roman Catholic (89%)
Main source of potable water : Spring, Groundwater
Water Supply :

L1 Facilities: 47-DW, 473-SW, 105 improved springs

L2 systems: (14 water systems serving 1,890 households)

L3 systems: (7 water sources)

Average Day Demand (Projected) :

2,113cum/d, CY 2010 (BIWSSMP)

5,015 cu.m./d (CY 2030) (BIWSSMP)

Estimated Groundwater Recharge : 55,556 cu.m./day (SWECO)
Water Demand for Irrigation : 9,925 cu.m./day, (SWECO) (2 existing CIS)
Energization Status (as of CY 1999) :

33 Barangays Energized

8,609 or 138% households served/connected

No. of HH w/ accessed to Sanitary Toilets : 2,388 or 73.36% (CY 2002)
Drainage and Sewerage System : None
Number of Barangay Health Stations : 33
Number of Hospital : 1
Number of Municipal Health Center : 2
Number of Day Care Centers : 34
Carpable Areas 44.3408 hectares
Total Road Length

146.22 kilometers (Nat’l Rd.-31.868 kms, Prov’l. Rd-34.273 kms, Mun. Rd.-2.357 kms, Brgy. Rd-77.714 kms.)

Total Number of Bridges 26 existing bridges (7-timber/bailey, 3-steel, 16-RCDG
Communication System

Public Calling Office: 1 Cruztelco

Cell sites: 7 (3-Smart, 3-Globelines, 1-Suns)

Cable TV: San Miguel

Radio Station: 2 (DYJP, FM-Radio Natin)

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