Mabini is located in the eastern part of the province. It was established in 1904 out of the barrios of Abaca, Banlas, Bulawan, Lungsodaan, Minol, Poblacion 1 and 2 and Tambo which then belonged to Candijay; Cabulao and San Jose which then belonged to Ubay and Batuanan which a that time was a barrio of Mabini. The first settlers of Sitio Libas came from Duero, Loboc, Guindulmlan, Jagna and Sevilla. The barrios were organized into a new town through the initiative of its parish priest, Fr. Jimenez and municipal president Canuto Bernales.

Municipal Officials: 2022-2025

Mayor : Bernales-Lim, Ongie
Vice Mayor : Colis, Myra
SB Members: : Bagabaldo, Alexis
Anchuelo, Ester
Baldo, Levito
Curit, Jerson
Tutor, Eugenio Jr.
Jayoma, John Paolo
Jotojot, Vic
Wahing, Gilbert
ABC President :
SK President :

Facts and Figures:

Location : Eastern Part of Bohol main land
Congressional District : 3rd District
Number of Barangays : 22 barangays
Income Classification : 4th( Per MC No. 01-MC 15-08)
Ave. LGU Annual Income : P 49,907,064.00
Total Municipal Land Area : 10,457.48 hectares
Timberland Area : 2,770.5 hectares
Alienable & Disposable (A & D) : 7,686.98 hectares
Soil Cover : 4 Ubay Clay Loam, Candijay Clay, Faraon Clay; Hydrosol
River Basins (Watershed Areas) : Carood RB, Biabas RB
Population :



Average Population Growth Rate : .76% (2000-2007): Bohol’s APGR – 1.06%
Total Number of Households : 5,561
Major Industries : Farming, Fishing, Milling
Literacy Rate : 88.34%
Higher Education Institutions :
Number of Secondary Schools : 3
Number of Technical – Vocational :
Number of Primary/ Elementary Schools : 4 Primary; 18 Elementary
Language/ Dialect : Boholano (Binisaya)
Religion/ Religious Affiliation (1990) : Roman Catholic (Majority)
Main source of potable water : Groundwater
Water Supply :
Average Day Demand :
Estimated Groundwater Recharge :
Water Demand for Irrigation :
Energization Status (as of CY 2000) : 22 Barangays Energized (100%); 4,445 houses connected (77%)
No. of HH w/ accessed to Sanitary Toilets : 5,94
Drainage and Sewerage System :
Number of Barangay Health Stations : 8
Number of Hospital :
Number of Municipal Health Center : 1
Number of Day Care Centers : 28
Carpable Areas
Total Road Length 66.45 kilometers (Municipal& Barangay Road)
Total Number of Bridges
Communication System 2 Cellsites
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