In 1820 Trinidad was yet a barrio in the northern part of Bohol inhabited by a small group of settlers under the leadership of Macag. It was once named Cabigon but the abundance of ipil trees in the area caused it to be referred to as “Ipil” thus becoming an official name when it became a town. But Ipil became a barrio when it was annexed to Talibon on October 31, 1903 by virtue of Act 968. Several attempts to reestablish Ipil as a municipality failed but in 1947, through the combined efforts of the people led by Juan Gonzales and aided by Senator Olegario Clarin, Ipil regained its former status as a town and was renamed Trinidad in honor of the wife of Pres. Manuel A. Roxas who issued the Executive Order No. 80 s. of 1947, restoring the community to its former status as an independent municipality.

Municipal Officials: 2022-2025

Mayor : Garcia, Janet
Vice Mayor : Evangelista, Dave
SB Members: : Garcia, Max
Flores, JP
Auxtero, Toting
Doroy, DT
Artiaga, Imelda
Amba, Celyn
Austria, Raul
Valmoria, Nomie
ABC President :
SK President :

Facts and Figures:

Location : Northernmost Part of Bohol
Congressional District : 2nd District
Number of Barangays : 25 Barangays
Income Classification : 1st (Per MC No. 01-MC 15-08)
Ave. LGU Annual Income : P 104,723,360.16
Total Municipal Land Area : 17,704.00 hectares
Timberland Area : 14,917.00 hectares
Alienable & Disposable (A & D) : 2,787.00 hectares
Soil Cover : Ubay Clay, Ubay sandy loam, Annam clay, Hydrosol
River Basins (Watershed Areas) : Dait RB, Ipil RB
Population :

59,274 (2007)

54,147 (2000)

Average Population Growth Rate : 1.25% (2000-2007): Bohol’s APGR – 1.06%
Total Number of Households : 11,481 (2007)
Major Industries : Farming & Fishing
Literacy Rate : 89.31%
Higher Education Institutions : None
Number of Secondary Schools : 9
Number of Primary/ Elementary Schools : 31 Primary; 9 Elementary
Language/ Dialect : Boholano
Religion/ Religious Affiliation (1990) : Roman Catholic (Majority)
Main source of potable water : Groundwater
Water Demand for Irrigation : None
Drainage and Sewerage System : None
No. of HH w/ accessed to Safe Water : 4,352
No. of HH w/ accessed to Sanitary Toilets : 8,044
Number of Barangay Health Stations : 9
Number of Hospital : 1
Number of Municipal Health Center : 1
Number of Day Care Centers : 43
Carpable Areas : None
Total Road Length : 119.231 kilometers (Municipal& Barangay Road)
Total Number of Bridges : None
Communication System 1 Public Calling Office, 2 Cellsites
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