This is a town in the northern coast of the province. At one time, it was a barrio of Inabanga and later of Getafe. In the early days, it was known as “Pangpang” because of a limestone cliff found in the barrio. When the Spaniards came to the shores of the place, with its verdant hills and slopes, they were very much impressed by the scenic spots with its natural beauty.They could not help but appreciate the beautiful view before them. Hence, they named the place “buenavista”, meaning “good view”.In 1874, Buenavista was separated from the town of Inabanga and annexed to the town of Getafe. It was made an independent municipality in 1960.

Municipal Officials: 2022-2025

Mayor : Duallo, Dabu
Vice Mayor : Tirol, Elsa
SB Members: : Erojo, Rena
Celosia, Walden
Bentillo, Otso
Torregosa, Phildon
Añora, Danilo
Tampus, Vidal
Lopez, Alicia
Celocia, Rey
ABC President :
SK President :

Facts and Figures:

Location : Northern Part of Bohol
Congressional District : 2nd District
Number of Barangays : 35 Barangays
Income Classification : 4th(Per D.O. 32-01)
Ave. LGU Annual Income : P48,972,204.00
Total Municipal Land Area : 87.30 sq. kms.
Timberland Area : 2,660 hectares (Mangrove Area-563 has.)
Alienable & Disposable (A & D) : 5,423 hectares
Soil Cover : Annam Clay, Hydrosol, Batuan Clay Loam and Ubay Loam
River Basins (Watershed Areas) : Dait RB, Inabanga RB
Population :

25,960 (2000)

26,443 (2007)

27,085 (2012 projected)

Average Population Growth Rate : 0.25%
Total Number of Households : 4,917 (2007 Census)
Major Industries : Fishing, farming, mat-weaving,nipa thatch-making
Literacy Rate : 92%
Higher Education Institutions : None
Number of Secondary Schools : 3
Number of Primary/Elementary Schools : 18 Primary, 11 Elementary
Language/Dialect : Boholano (Binisaya)
Religion/Religious Affiliation (1990) : Roman Catholic
Main source of potable water : Groundwater
Water Supply :

L1 facilities – 9 water wells

L3 system ( Poblacion, Asinan,Hunan, Sweetland, Bato, Dait, Cambuhat, Bugaong

Potable Water Demand :

2,614cu.m./day (CY 1998)

5,168 cu.m./day (CY 2030)

Estimated Groundwater Recharge : 77,904 cubic/d CY (2030)
Water Demand for Irrigation : None
Energization Status (as of CY 1999) : 35 Barangays Energized; 2,715 (61 %) households energized/connected; 4,472 potential house connection
No. of HH w/ accessed to Sanitary Toilets : 4,342 (74.02% CY 2010)
Drainage and Sewerage System : None
Number of Barangay Health Stations : 7 (20%)
Number of Hospital : 1 Municipal Infirmary Hospital
Number of Municipal Health Center : 1
Number of Day Care Centers : 36 (102 %)
Carpable Areas None
Total Road Length 90.66 kilometers
Total Number of Bridges 9
Communication System Public calling station PLDT , Globe Telephone
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