Bring the following during the Caravan:

1.) Print Screen of your FEO account in two (2) copies
2.) Xerox of your valid id in two (2) copies
3.) Ballpen
4.) Pencil
5.) Full Face Shield
6.) N95 Mask
7.) 2×2 id picture two (2) pcs

All applicants are advised to avail first the services offered in the Caravan such as Drug Test, Neuro, Gun Safety and National Police Clearance. While the following requirements shall be uploaded personally in your FEO Account:

a. Photocopy of Valid ID,
b. Photocopy of Proof of Income
c. Photocopy NSO/Passport,
d. Photocopy Bgy Clearance
e. Photocopy Proof of Billing
g. Gun Safety Certificate
h. National Police Clearance