Gov. Edgar Chatto and his administration have been highly performing based on the latest province-wide public pulsing by a reputable, pioneering survey institution in this part of the country.

Nine out of every 10 Boholanos have been satisfied with Chatto’s performance, according to the Bohol Poll 2107 done by the Holy Name University (HNU) – Center for Research and Publications.

The survey gave the provincial government convincing grades in varied areas of governance as evidenced by the multiple-point increases in people’s satisfaction ratings.

It said, for example, that a great majority (71%) of the Boholanos have been satisfied with the provincial government in promoting investments with only a dissatisfied few of 10%.

This resulted in a net satisfaction rating of +61, which is 25 points higher than the +36 in last year’s survey.

Conducted from June 10 to July 20 this year, the Bohol Poll 2017 showed that “nine out of 10 (89%) Boholanos were satisfied” with Chatto’s performance while “only very few (4%)” said otherwise.

As a result, the governor earned very high 89% gross and +85 net satisfaction ratings, the latter posting four points more than the +81 he got in 2016.

Comparing the newest survey with the past, Chatto has remained highest and consistently topped in performance rating among the provincial officials, including the vice governor and three congressmen.


In the survey, the formula of “percentage of satisfied minus the percentage of dissatisfied” is applied to get the net satisfaction rating.

These are the top remarks for net satisfaction ratings: +70 and up, excellent; +50 to +69, very good; +30 to +49, good.

Chatto got in rural areas an even higher net satisfaction rating of +88, indicating that his current thrust of delivering programs, projects and services to the grassroot level must have been felt.

The grassroot level also involves barangay and purok communities where government neglect in the past dispensation must have been experienced, not merely perceived.


Close to half (48%) of the Boholanos said the “most important problem” in their place is “economic in nature.”

On this, the province’s sustainable development and inclusive growth agenda must have worked as the survey rated so positively the impact of government performance on different major concerns.

Providing livelihood opportunities and employment earned multiple points higher to +37 net satisfaction rating from last year’s +28; protecting the environment, +62 from +46; promoting tourism, +68 from +66; ensuring adequate food supply, +44 from +19; and protecting life and property, +54 from +32.

In controlling graft and corruption, the province earned a net satisfaction rating of +24 from -10, or 34 points higher, which, to some observers, must already speak well of the government effort.

The HNU presented and made known to the public the result of the survey on Wednesday, August 16.

Unlike the survey intended for Tagbilaran City respondents only, the performance poll for leading provincial officials involved respondents from the three congressional districts of the province, which has one city, 47 towns and 1,109 barangays.

While he thanked the Boholanos for their consistent strong trust and support, Chatto said any people’s evaluation is a government challenge to do more which are best for the greater good of the greater number.

A whopping majority (100%) of the Boholano voters know their governor, the survey said. (Ven rebo Arigo)