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Love of country binds us together-Gov. Chatto


Love of country and service to humanity have bound us together during the aftermath of the tragedies two years ago, thus declared Gov. Edgar M. Chatto in his speech during the Joint Reception and Send Off Ceremonies of the 47th Infantry (Katapatan) Battallion, 3ID, Philippine Army and the 2nd Special Forces (Sabertooth) Batallion, SOCOM PA, at the Bohol Cultural Center this morning.

The affair was also attended by LtGen. Nicanor M. Vivar, Commander, CENTCOM, AFP, Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio and representatives from the different departments of the provincial and national governments.

Chatto said we have learned the lessons of collaboration with the Philippine Army contingent in Bohol in insuring our internal security and other peace operations such as the Countryside Development Program Purok Power Movement.

Gen. Vivar on his part, said Bohol is now insurgency free and he assured that his men have not committed in violation of human rights.

He commended the 47th Infantry Battalion because after more than seven years in Bohol, the province has achieved peace and security in the countryside.

The Governor added there was smooth partnership in the promotion of the socio-economic strategy to achieve maximized countryside development.

Concerted efforts were manifested in the partnership towards the development of the communities in the field of health, agriculture, environment and human resources Chatto said.

Chatto emphasized the importance of peace in Bohol, the common objective of boholanos who would only accept no less than caring hands and loving heart.

The Governor was all praises for the performance of the Philippine Army contingent which was sent off, saying that its contribution and cooperation were brought to the hilt during the rescue and relief operations after the earthquake and the typhoon.

To the new Philippine Army Battalion, you are all welcome here in Bohol, Chatto said , and please make Bohol as your second home.

The Commander of the 47th Infantry Battalion is Lt. Col. Jose Dodjie C. Belloga, Jr. while Lt. Col Gaspar Panopio heads the 2nd Special Forces.




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