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Stock Inventory of Endemic and Dipterocarp Tree Seedlings at the Bohol Biodiversity Complex

An inventory of available endemic and dipterocarp tree seedlings at the Bohol Biodiversity Complex (BBC) in the municipality of Bilar, Bohol, managed by the Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO). The list contains species, available stocks, and status of the seedlings and is updated monthly. Used to source planting material for tree planting activities. Available at the BEMOin PDF.



Contact Mr. Restituto A. Piollo
InCharge, Forest Resource Management (FRM) Sector, BEMO
Bohol Biodiversity Complex (BBC), Zamora, Bilar, Bohol 6300
Telephone (+38) 535-9315
or Email
(Address letter request to Mr. Leonilo C. Lafuente, BEMO Officer-in-Charge)