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Bohol Quickstat

A monthly update of the most requested statistics produced by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Includes data on inflation rate; purchasing power of the peso; private building construction; number of overseas workers by highest educational attainment 10 years old and over and sex, population by marital status; number of elderly and disabled persons by type of disability, sex and age group; vital health statistics (births, deaths and marriages) by sex; total fertility rate; literacy rate; life expectancy at birth by sex; human development index; number and area of farms by land use; crops and livestock production; internal revenue allotment; number of banks, pawnshop and registered voters in Bohol. Available for the year 2011 (latest is December 2011) in PDF. Data segregation is only at the provincial level. E-copies of files available at the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO).



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