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Program of Works (POW)

This is a compilation of Program of Works (POW) and cost estimates which contain the items of work in a project. Prepared by the Provincial Engineer's Office (PEO) for projects undertaken by both PEO and other agencies, to include projects implemented by contract (construction, repair, fabrication, improvement, and renovation) and by administration (repair, improvement, re-gravelling, maintenance, surfacing, re-shaping, re-blocking, installation). Grouped by project(concreting, asphalting, raising of grade, re-surfacing, re-gravelling, upgrading, and widening).Available for years 2008 to 2011 at the PEO.



Contact Engr. Einstein Gonzales
Head, Planning and Programming Division
Provincial Engineer's Office, New Capitol Site, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone +63 (38) 412-2093
(Address letter request to Engr. Gabino Redulla, OIC, PEO)