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Poverty Database Monitoring System (PDMS)

A profiling and pro-poor targeting tool conceptualized, designed, field-tested and enhanced since 2003. PDMS is used in Bohol in its efforts to address widespread poverty. The tool consists of a customized questionnaire administered at household level which gathers data on core poverty indicators (health - water source, sanitation, malnutrition, child and maternal mortality, disability; economic ? income, meal/food thresholds, unemployment; social ? housing, land tenure, crime incidence). Other information/ indicators may be requested such as community and household assets, environmentally-related and gender-specific indicators and micro, small and medium enterprises. The PDMS is a tool initiated by the Provincial Government of Bohol in partnership with the Bohol Local Development Foundation (BLDF). Funding for survey is required from clients as well as a software fee. The software is owned by BLDF. Used in research and local planning.

Contact Dr. Nestor Pestelos
Bohol Local Development Foundation (BLDF)
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