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Index and Non-Index Crimes Per Municipality/City

A consolidated annual report of the total index and non-index crimes per municipality/city in the province of Bohol. Index Crimes include Crimes versus Persons like murder, homicide, physical injuries and Crimes versus Properties like robbery and theft. Non-Index Crimes include Crimes against Persons (parricide/ infanticide, maltreatment, kidnapping); Crimes against Property (estafa and falsification, malicious mischief and damage to property); Crimes against Morals and Order (prostitution, vagrancy, alarm and scandal, assault/ resistance to authority, corruption of public official, gambling, slander and libel, threat and coercion and trespassing), Crimes against Chastity (abduction, seduction, lascivious acts) and other crimes (illegal possession of firearms, explosives and ammunition, concealment of deadly weapons, smuggling, carnapping and prohibited drugs). Report is prepared annually by the Bohol Provincial Police Office. Used for research, monitoring and general reference. A letter request stating the purpose of the use of data and information is necessary. Report covering 2004-2008 also available at the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) in Excel format.



Contact Mr. Peter Ross Retutal or Mr. Crisologo Usaraga
Provincial Planning and Development Office
2/F Capitol Compound, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone (+38) 411-2088 or 501-9970
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For details, contact P/SSupt. Constantino Barot
Bohol Provincial Police Office
Camp Dagohoy, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone (+38) 411-5911 or 411-2210