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Fund Management Information System (FMIS) Disbursement System

The Fund Management Information System (FMIS) on disbursement of funds, established in August 2010, records and reports on the total disbursements of funds of the provincial government of Bohol made through cash and checks, as reflected in approved vouchers and payrolls for issuance of checks representing cash advances, other claims and payables. The data is captured from the approved vouchers and payrolls submitted by the different provincial offices and received by the Cash Disbursement Division of the Provincial Treasurer's Office (PTO). The Provincial Account ant's Office (PAccO) can access data in the FMIS which uses Crystal DevExpress. Frequency of data generation for submission to PAccO is weekly, monthly and quarterly. Reports can be exported as Excel files and available in PDF at the PTO.



Contact Ms. Emiliana Hormiguera, Cashier IV/Supervising Administrative Officer
or Mr. Jonas Saletrero, Cashier III
PTO, 2/F Capitol Compound, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone +63 (38) 411-3443 or 501-9757
(Address letter request to Mr. Eustaquio A. Socorin, Provincial Treasurer)