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Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) 2010-2013


     The Municipal Communication Profiles contain data on number of cellsites, public calling offices(PCO), internet cafes, cable TV service providers, and print media per municipality/city, based on reports submitted by the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators (MPDCs) to the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) for the Annual Report and Infrastructure Data Profile. Used for research, infrastructure development planning, and general information. Available for years 2008, 2009, 2010 in PDF at the PPDO. Consolidation of 2011 data ongoing, available by April 2012.

     The Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) is a three-year planning and budgeting document which is an enhancement to the existing local planning processes and structures mandated by the Local Government Code. Provides the provincial development direction for the next three years in Bohol to coincide with the three-year term of local officials. As a planning and budgeting tool, the ELA provides the development roadmap for the Provincial Government of Bohol PGBh), identifies and allocates local resources for priority programs and projects of PGBh. The latest ELA of Bohol Province is for the planning period 2011-2013. Available in PDF and can be downloaded through the following link: